Alexandra Holden (born April 30, 1977) is an American film and television actress.

Life and career

Holden was born in Northfield, Miesota, the daughter of Kristi and Barry Holden. Alexandra Holden Biography, Film Reference She played film roles in Drop Dead Gorgeous as Mary Johanson and in Sugar & Spice as Fern Rogers. She also starred in the low budget slasher film Wishcraft.

Holden has also had roles in TV and music videos. She appeared on Friends as Ross's girlfriend, Elizabeth Stevens. Other TV roles include Ally McBeal, Tru Calling, Six Feet Under and Private Practice. In music, she appeared in Aerosmith's "Hole in My Soul" video.


{| class="wikitable sortable"|+ Film! Year! Title! Role! class="unsortable" | Notes|-| 1997| The Last Time I Committed Suicide| Vicky||-| 1997| In & Out| Meredith||-| 1998| Dancer, Texas Pop. 81| Vivian||-| 1999| Guinevere| Angelic Girl||-| 1999| EDtv| College Girl||-| 1999| Drop Dead Gorgeous| Mary Johanson||-| 2001| Sugar & Spice| Fern Rogers||-| 2001| Uprising| Frania Beatus| TV film|-| 2002| Wishcraft| Samantha Warren||-| 2002| American Gun| Mia||-| 2002| Four Reasons| Nurse||-| 2002| The Hot Chick| Lulu||-| 2003| Dead End| Marion Harrington||-| 2003| Moving Alan| Dee Dee||-| 2003| How to Deal| Scarlett Smith||-| 2003| Purgatory Flats| Suy Burkhardt||-| 2005| Everything's Gone Green| Rosemary| Short film|-| 2005| Window Theory| Kate||-| 2005| Everything You Want| Jessica Lindstrom| TV film|-| 2006| Special| Maggie||-| 2006| Wasted| Amber||-| 2006| A Trick of the Mind| Jeifer| TV film|-| 2006| A Dead Calling| Rachel Beckwith||-| 2007| All the Days Before Tomorrow| Alison||-| 2008| The Frequency of Claire| Claire||-| 2008| Dark Reel| Scarlett May||-| 2009| Post Grad| Cute Funky Girl||-| 2010| Healing Hands| Natasha Waverly| TV film|-| 2011| Lovely Molly| Haah||-| 2011| Let Go| Kelly||-| 2013| In a World...| Jamie||-| 2014| Zoe Gone| Alicia Lye||-| 2014| Loaded| April||}

{| class="wikitable sortable"|+ Television! Year! Title! Role! class="unsortable" | Notes|-| 1996–1997| Mr. Rhodes| Dani Swanson| 3 episodes|-| 1997| Cracker| Debbie| 2 episodes|-| 2000| Once and Again| Cassidy| 2 episodes|-| 2000| Friends| Elizabeth Stevens| 5 episodes|-| 2001| Ally McBeal| Jane Wilco| 3 episodes|-| 2002| Six Feet Under| Rebecca Leah Milford| Episode: "In the Game"|-| 2004| Tru Calling| Jackie Coors| Episode: "Drop Dead Gorgeous"|-| 2006| Grey's Anatomy| Jaime Carr| Episode: "Where the Boys Are"|-| 2007| Friday Night Lights| Suzy| 5 episodes|-| 2008| Miami| Carla Hoyle| Episode: "Gone Baby Gone"|-| 2008| Private Practice| Laura Larson| Episode: "Serving Two Masters"|-| 2009| Cold Case| Caroline Kemp| Episode: "Libertyville"|-| 2009| Royal Pains| Zoe Hill| Episode: "Wonderland"|-| 2010| The Mentalist| Crystal Hargrove| Episode: "Blood in, Blood Out"|-| 2011| Franklin & Bash| Debbie Wilcox| 5 episodes|-| 2011| Friends with Benefits| Dakota| Episode: "Pilot"|-| 2011| Man Up!| Rebecca| Episode: "High Road is the Guy Road"|-| 2011| Covert Affairs| Grace Langford| Episode: "Horse to Water"|-| 2012–present| Rizzoli & Isles| Lydia Sparks| Recurring role|-| 2012| Bones| Margot Sandoval| Episode: "The Partners in the Divorce"|-| 2012| NCIS| Brooke Fenton| Episode: "Shell Shock (Part II)"|-| 2013| The Mob Doctor| Bethany Maslan| Episode: "Resurrection"|-| 2013| Vegas| Dawn Fields| Episode: "From This Day Forward"|-| 2013| Drop Dead Diva| Becca Holt| Episode: "One Shot"|}


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